Who we are

Prof. Antonio Spadaro was born in Padua on 16 September 1958, he was an University Professor of Reumathology. He deeply dedicated himself to the healthcare of the rheumatic patients and to scientific and teaching acitivities. In particular his interests were focused in the research of pathogenesis, clinic and treatment of the rheumatic diseases, especially spondyloarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , microcrystalline arthritis . He worked at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome and the Sapienza University of Rome, his work was abruptly interrupted by the untimely death in 2014.
The Association wants to promote the training of young researchers who want to participate with the methodology and critical thinking that distinguished him in the development of scientific research about the rheumatic diseases.


President: Carmela Santuccio

Councilors: Giacomo Spadaro, Riccardo Spadaro, Francesco Spadaro



Documentation about the Association (PDF file)